Metal Roof

Metal roof projects given by the employer are carefully examined by our expert staff. We provide detailed solution suggestions after preliminary investigations. We provide services starting from the detailing of specific architectural solutions that require design, to the preparation of application drawings. We present our customers with 2D and3D models.

Roofsan provides technical advice and construction details during the budgeting phase. We follow the whole process closely by developing solutions and products from design to assembly.
    Metal Roof offers interlocking system roofing, interlocking systems, panel roof coverings, and single-layer trapezoidal roof coverings suitable for industrial and commercial projects with and without insulation. The type of products are steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, and titanium. Materials are available in a variety of RAL colors.
Clamped roofing offers aesthetic freedom on uneven roofs. It provides a combination of design, functionality, and technical excellence.
  • COATING COMPLEMENTARY SYSTEMSMetal Roof provides support in complementary systems such as snow guards, walkways, gutter systems, roof exit covers. It is needed during the installation of both roof and facade cladding.PRODUCT SUPPLY We prioritize quality in metal roofing and facade cladding systems. Also, we offer systems and materials at competitive prices.
Bahamas Port of Nassau Project Material and Assembly Work
Bahamas Port of Nassau Project Material and Assembly Work  


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