Roof Walkways

In cases where maintenance and repair are required on the roofs, roof walkways provides easy and secure movement. The roof walkway system requires regular maintenance and cleaning for efficient and long-lasting use of solar panels. Apart from this, roof renovation is important in the maintenance and cleaning of hidden and hanging creeks. It is possible to make different products and design walkways according to the roof material. The aluminum roof walkway ensures that people can navigate and walk on the sheet metal without slipping on the roofs, secure and clamped roofs. The aluminum walkway provides safe and convenient access to the roof. Prevents roof panel damage from weight. If desired, on vaulted roofs, it can be used as a step, and the feet are produced at an angle to climb the vault or minaret. It is preferred because it only clings to the seam ribs by compression method without drilling holes, as it prevents liquid leakage on the clamped roof.      

Aluminum Walkway Features and Advantages

3mm Aluminum Material Suitable for Roof Slopes up to 10 Degrees Stainless, High Quality Long-lasting Easy to Maintain Up to 60% Lighter than Steel Corrosion Resistant Non-conductive and Metallic Non-slip Impact Resistant  

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