Gutter System

Gutter systems have an aesthetic appearance and rainwater-carrying capacity in both industrial and residential areas. It gives a general appearance to the building with its rich color and model options. The most important factor to provide a problem-free solution in creek waterproofing applications is ground preparation and waterproofing application without attachment. The points with the most discharge problems in waterproofing problems in streams are the corner bottom points. Before waterproofing the hidden stream, it is necessary to make sure that the rainwater does not accumulate. Hidden creeks should have the capacity and dimensions to send the rainwater from the roof area to the earth during the design phase.    

Gutter Accessories


1. Gutter Elbow:

Elbows are used in the gutter and connection/end sections of the pipe systems. It is used to remove the water accumulated on the roof of the building. Different sizes and raw materials are also produced.    

2. Rain Downpipe:

It is produced from galvanized sheet. Like seamless grooves, it has an electrostatic painted and decorative appearance in one piece. In addition, it offers excellent results in the discharge of water accumulated in the gutters.    

3. Gutter Mounting Clamp:

They are the roof accessories used in the roof mounting process. The clamps which act as carriers in the roof gutters, are produced to be resistant to bad weather conditions such as snow and rain.    

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