Metal Processing

The metal processing industry is a sector that is developing day by day and is the backbone of the industry. Sheet metal, which is processed and used at many points in the industry, has many advantages in various business areas. The products are extremely durable and ideal for end-use applications. Almost all industries, including construction, aerospace, automotive, medical, and sheet metal fabrication use it. We work with our experienced engineers and teammates to deliver the products to our customers fastest and with the most competitive prices. We provide a wide range of production services from mass productions to single productions. Metal processing methods are done with laser, cutting, and bending machines. With our Machine Park, every desired piece is produced with millimetric calculations.

Metal Processing Steps

Raw Material Arrives at the Factory
Checking and Preparing the Material for Processing
Cutting and Bending of the Material
Turning Raw Materials into Products
Packaging of Products
Shipping of Products from the Factory