Light Steel Profiles

Roofsan Industrial Products, which produces steel profile types with the understanding of total quality management, becomes the solution partner of its valuable customers with its expert team. Please get in touch with us for pricing, delivery time, technical support, and information about our products.
C, U, M, and Z Profiles are used as purlins and belts in roofs and facades in industrial buildings. It can also be used as columns and beams in light steel structures. It benefits to our static calculation solutions, the most suitable material can be selected with special static calculations for each project. Thus, the economy is ensured by using optimum materials, and extra loads that will occur in the buildings are prevented.
Different sections (C Profile - Z Profile - M Profile - U Profile) and products with different thicknesses can be preferred to provide a price advantage. Steel Structure Profiles provide a weight advantage of up to 40% compared to heavy steel structures. In addition, it reduces the tonnage of the materials used and the costs at the same rate.

c profile

u profil

z profil

m profil

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