Snow Guard Systems

The sliding of snow and ice on the roofs poses a danger to the building and the surrounding belongings and to the people below. The snow retainer system prevents snow and ice from slipping and falling down uncontrollably. Our aim of production is to eliminate the damages and losses that will occur due to the fall of the weight accumulated on the roof, which is frequently experienced in our regions where snowfall is experienced, and to extend the physical life of the building roofs. We found it to be much more important. Keeping the safety at the highest level during the construction period and post-production renovation process has enabled us to produce extra security systems by making improvements in the fasteners we have produced.


Stainless Long Lasting Does Not Damage the Roof and Insulation Resistant to Corrosion and Wear Used: Clamped System Roofs Snap-in Roofs Sandwich Panel Roofs Trapezoidal Roofs  

Types of Snow Guards

Single Snow Guards

Double Snow Guards

  • Includes:

    Bracket Dual Pipe Holder Pipe Pipe Fitting Ice Holder Clamp Roof Connection Bracket Seat Belt Fastener Roof Step Single Roof Step Set Angle Adjustable Platform Carrier Grounding Bracket Connection Angle

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